Thursday, January 28, 2016

And the winner is...


I piled the names by Molly who was asleep, then left the room. When I returned, she had rolled around and picked Jacque's name. No joke.  Out of 45 names. She managed to pull one piece of paper aside. I was amazed. 
I'm so tickled so many of you left a comment. Thank you all. 

Sandra and Lisa were right about Jen and I loving to choose fabric for our projects. I LOVE the hunt for the right fabrics for each project. And of course, more is better. 

Jacque, please send me your mailing address so i can send you a book.

A question came up yesterday about how to enter the big All in a Row quilt along contest if you aren't on Facebook. Here is what I found out...

Martingale has created a way for you to enter without having to be on Facebook. Yes, email photos will be fine. E-mail submissions to The subject line should say All In A Row Quilt-along so they know to enter the pictures in the drawings. 

I have also learned that designers may choose to offer additional prizes. This is by their choice, totally optional. 
So, in keeping with that option, If you make my Bitty Basket row
 you will need to take a photo of it and tag me on either Facebook or Instagram. Or send me a photo that I can post on the blog. If more than one if you make my row, then my assistant will decide the winner. 
What would you win? A surprise, of course.  Winner will be chosen when the contest ends. 

Several of you were interested in my sugar bowl and cream pitcher. Susie Q called them the Harlequin pattern, thanks! I did not know that. They were my mom's. She had some Fiesta and Hall dishes too. She loved dishes and had a huge collection. Now I have hers and my big collection. 

The salt and pepper shakers are pretty cute. 

Thanks for visiting and your comments. 

Until next time~

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Moda All Stars All in a Row

Today's my day!
I hope you all have been following our Moda all Stars All in a Row blog hop and quilt along. Each designer has been paired with another, with a different style and asked to make each other's row in our own fabrics. Great idea, don't you think?  My partner is Jen Kingwell. Be sure to visit Jen to see how she made my row.
And Jen is a 'cover girl'. Her row is at the bottom of the cover. 

The designers...I'm 4th and 6th is Jen, kind of hidden. 

Here is a better photo of Jen, as she walked the runway. 

And this is Meadow Rose. Jen Kingwell's beautiful row...
Hope her photo and her row show on your screen. In the draft of this post they don't on the laptop but they do on the iPhone. So this is from the book...

Here is my version of the row.  I combined Eliza's Indigo and Lizzie's Legacy which will be in shops in March. 

The palette...

I had so much fun making the blocks and made one too many! Found out I have some good prints for fussy cutting! it's sew cute Meadow Rose bag! I love it! Note the braided strap - haven't braided in years, Back when Rachel was in high school. I do get carried away. 

Love Jen's design on my kitchen island...

Thank you Moda and Martingale! A beautiful book, talented designers, super fun projects, and for a good cause too!

All designer proceeds are being donated to No Kid Hungry. The learn more about this non profit organization, the link is at the end of this post.

Now, before I say until next time...
please read all about the #allinarowquiltalong CONTEST. Yes, a contest. A contest with great prizes. Grab a book. Pick a row, or several, sew and enter!

Amazing designers-amazing rows-amazing contest with amazing prizes!

And if you will leave me a comment, my faithful assistant will pick a follower at random and send you a book. Do you know what Jen and I have in common? It's in "the Skinny", a little column of Q&A for  each designer.

About the contest...

Newcomers, start HERE to learn the #allinarowquiltalong QAL and contest rules!
It’s a Beauty of a Contest! runs February 1 - March 15, 2016
1. Buy the book “Moda All-Stars All in a Row”:
2. Make your favorite row(s) from the book
One row = one entry
Two rows = two entries, etc.
3. Join the Facebook group #allinarowquiltalong:
Post a picture with your quilt top of rows joined together on the Facebook group page and tag your photo with #allinarowquiltalong. Your Facebook name is the name that will be entered into the contest. (Contest open to residents of the US and Canada only.)
For EVERY row in your entry, you get an entry into the It’s a Beauty of a Contest. There will be five prizes—like the five finalists in a pageant—plus weekly random drawings for related “beauty” prizes. All winners will be drawn from the entries above.
Receive a Moda fat-quarter bundle every month for 9 months (April to December 2016) PLUS two Martingale new-release books of the month for 9 months (April to December 2016). (Companies to determine which fabrics/books to award, but the May book will be “Moda All-Stars Scraps Made Simple” for anyone winning that month’s prize!)
Receive a Moda fat-eighth bundle every month for 6 months (April to August 2016) PLUS two Martingale new-release books of the month for 6 months (April to August 2016). (Companies to determine which fabrics/books to award.)
Receive a Moda Layer Cake every month for 4 months (April to July 2016) PLUS one Martingale new-release book of the month for 4 months (April to July 2016). (Companies to determine which fabrics/books to award.)
Receive a Moda Layer Cake each month for 2 months (April and May 2016) PLUS one Martingale new-release book of the month for 2 months (April and May 2016). (Companies to determine which fabrics/books to award.)
Receive one Moda Layer Cake pack (April 2016) PLUS one Martingale new-release book of the month (April 2016). (Companies to determine which fabric/book to award.)
You’re automatically entered into WEEKLY RANDOM-DRAWING PRIZES!
3 MISS CONGENIALITY WINNERS (wait for it): win 2 Moda charm packs and a copy of Moda All-Stars All in a Row
4 TALENT WINNERS (hidden or otherwise): win 2 Moda mini-charm packs and 2 Martingale books: Moda All-Stars All in a Row and Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Sew Triangles
2 STASH-ACCUMULATION WINNERS: win 1 Moda mini-charm pack, 1 Moda charm pack, 1 Moda Layer Cake and 3 Martingale books: Moda All-Stars All in a Row, Jo’s Little Favorites, and Blockbuster Quilts: I Love Log Cabins
1 SOCIAL-MEDIA BUTTERFLY AWARD: win Carrie Nelson’s “Row Houses” row from the book! 
DID YOU KNOW? Your book purchase will provide tons of quilting fun, and your dollars will support a good cause too. All royalties from the sale of Moda All-Stars All in a Row are being donated to No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America. Learn more about No Kid Hungry here:
Time to start your row, row, row… good luck all!

Until next time~

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How do you ROLL?

Ok, how do you roll??? We all how I roll--full on crazy. Oh you didn't know that???

In my sewing room...right now at a glance, I see 10 projects in various stages of incompleteness. Please note I said "see". Not even going to attempt to count those buried or tucked away for another day!

Today I'm playing with an Eliza's Indigo Jelly Roll. This is number 11 project, in sight. 
Have you seen this book? The authors have great ideas for jelly rolls using antique quilts for their inspiration. It is SO me!  Here is what I selected for Eliza..lets see how she rolls!!!
This is the antique quilt inspiration, a 16 patch. Directions are clear. Jelly roll is pre cut. Cut each strip along the fold, sort the strips, and sit and sew! Amazingly fast!

Subcut the strips. Arrange as you like. And just like the magic ovens on TV, I have blocks brought to you by my magic sewing machine.
20 blocks from only half of the jelly roll!

Now to choose the setting..I love the low volume, blended, early 1800s look of old chintz quilts. 
Uh oh! Lots of options in this collection. 
Which should I choose??? Decision making, not easy. I like them all!
What do you like???

I like them all! Hmm. Maybe I'll just go back to working on project number...3, or 7. 

So play is FUN, a good distraction, a welcome change of pace. This I how I roll! How about you? Grab a jelly roll and get rolling!

Hope the New Year has gotten off to a great start for you! I've got lots of new ideas and lots of hope for time to play and work! 
My very best to you all!
Until next time, 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Feeling FRIVOLous

Who me? Yes, Miss Practical, Miss keep all the pieces, Miss lover of leftovers. I can be FRIVOLous. Doing something just because it makes me happy when I know good and well I have WAY to much to do and TOO many deadlines. OR, Buying something for no other reason than it makes me happy. FRESH flowers. Coffee. FABRIC. Transferware. Wooden carriers. TINS.  I'm a collector. It's FRIVOLous. For my daughter, it's DVDs and shoes for Madison. I had tennis shoes, school shoes and go to church shoes. Long narrow feet that nothing fit. Madison has way more shoes than she needs, but they are so darn cute! And FRIVOLous.
In days long past, a Happy purchase would probably be a hat. No one ever went to church without a hat! I always thought they and the ladies who wore them were so cool. Pretty. Necessary? Not really. An adornment? Yes. Hat Collectors. Sweet.

FRIVOL3 featuring my Eliza's Indigo!

Molly is checking it out. Look how practical the tin is, besides darn cute!! A TIN full of goodies. Pattern and fabric for a darling little quilt. Note pad. Extra pattern, see below. And one of my favorite quotes...The longest journey begins with a single step. Love it more every time I read it.

A perfect 'happy'. Have you ever heard that expression? My cousin Lynn says it. It's a gift for no reason, just because. She also has a group of friends who get together for happy hour...they call themselves 'happy girls'. Ok, I'm easily side tracked, but trust me, I'm right on with this FRIVOLity.  

And, here we are in the holiday season. Gift giving time. I think Lynn needs one. And Rachel. She loves containers, even though it wont match her decor! Perfectly FRIVOLous!  and  of course all happy girls!

Who doesn't need one, or want one ???

Santa knows a 'happy' when he sees one. Make someone happy (be VERY happy you can't hear me singing) with a Frivol...Frivol3.

Oh, One last thing on FRIVOLing...
I whipped up the darling extra pattern in my tin...
A 'happy' for ME! or a sweet friend...just because. 

~Until next time...
My best wishes this holiday season,

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm hoping your day is filled with family and friends, a gathering designed around a table laden with tradition of delicious food prepared by loving hands. 
As we take time today to be thankful for our blessings, please know you are one of mine. 
This year has been one of many challenges, testing my strength, stretching my creativity, setting my course. Resolving to go forward regardless. Sometimes you just don't know what you can do until you have to. 
Yes, blessed and ever so thankful. 

Blessings abound. 
Madison, of course. And Rachel, what a good mom she is. 

And so much more. 

Way up top, my first selvage with Moda. Thank you Moda! So happy, proud and blessed to be with this company. More beautiful lines are planned. 
Coming soon..from Martingale...Moda All Stars, All in a Row...including me! Here's my row...

More books are planned as well, so be watching. 

And, of all things, I'm thankful for my iPhone! Lol. I've done this entire post on the phone, amazing. The laptop is sick, in need of some geeky attention. 

A last thought...
So thankful for family, here, now, and those gone, but not forgotten. Traditions held dear. Cherish time together. Make memories. And always, count your blessings and give thanks. 

~Until next time, 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Eliza's Indigo arrives

Eliza's Indigo is shipping now to quilt shops near you! My first line with Moda. Just writing that makes me smile! 
It's a beautiful collection of rich indigo blues, chocolate browns, soft blues, ocean blues and dreamy cheddary golds.  I have posted an easy pattern for you, a jelly roll project, that is fast, yet shows the fabric well. Look to the right.... A Simple Gift. Right click to save image, then once saved, you can print!

Inspiration for Eliza's Indigo began with an antique quilt, with a gorgeous wide chintz border and strikingly simple half square triangle blocks.
The prints in the triangles are wonderful, too many from which to choose! 
Pretty fragile quilt, early 1800's. The quilt with all  its indigos, made me think of Eliza Lucas Pickney a rather incredible woman of substance. Here is a condensed version of her story,
Eliza was born in Antigua in 1722 on Cabbage Tree plantation. She was educated in England, focusing largely on the study of botany. At age 16, Eliza and her family moved to South Carolina where her father had inherited three plantations. But shortly after arrival, Eliza's father, a British officer had to return to Antigua, leaving Eliza to manage the plantations and to care for her mother and younger sister. Eliza soon set about improving crops on the plantations. Her father sent indigo seeds for experimentation. It was the cultivation of indigo that captured Eliza's attention. After 3 years of crop failures, and even sabotage by an overseer, Eliza's perseverance paid off with such a successful crop that she shared seed with other plantations. The export of indigo to England was abundant, and quite profitable. 
Eliza, at age 20, married Charles Pickney. And was widowed at age 36. She continued to manage their plantations and improve crop production until the American Revolution, when British troops destroyed the crops, ending export of indigo. 
When Eliza died in 1793, George Washington served as a pallbearer. 

This is September's Song from Eliza's Indigo in this month's Quiltmania magazine. 

Here's one more thing....I'm a guest on American Patchwork and Quilting Magazines Radio/ Podcast show Monday, October 12. 

Please listen in...

Right after the show, it's back to sewing for Market!!!!  

Until next time,

Monday, September 28, 2015

New Beginnings

A door closed the last Saturday of September.  A door I have passed through for 20 years, the quilt shop where I have worked and taught, owned for while, laughed and cried, and built some of the most cherished relationships of my life. It began as Nostalgia in 1993. Then a new owner changed the name to Abram House Quilt Shop in 1997. I bought it in 2002, and for health reasons, sold the shop after 9 short months and it became Lone Star House of Quilts. The shop, its customers and its place in my life will be missed. Many years of Memories remain. 
As I look for a place to teach my club, I'm certainly not lacking things to do! Quilt Market in Houston is a few short weeks away. I'm busy with market samples for the next line, Lizzie's Legacy for Moda. Named after and inspired by the rich quilting history  my great great grandmother Lizzie Carpenter wrote of in her journals. Once again, an antique quilt from my collection, provided the prints for reproduction. 
Patterns to write for market quilts.  Quilts to design, and make for upcoming books  

I recently gave a program for the Edmond Quilt Guild on Just Treats, No Tricks. What fun! And a fun group of ladies. Did you see my post on Instagram or Facebook? Here it is in case you missed it. You do follow me there right?

Perfect time to 'talk' Halloween! Time to decorate here! 
But for now, back to sewing!

Have you found the Quiltmania issue? They are available now. Will post about Eliza's Indigo next post. 

Ok, now you can't find me at Lone Star any more...but you can here, Instagram and on Facebook. 
I'm looking forward to opening another door, to continue my club and teaching. But until then, Sew many ideas, sew much to do! 
Until next time,